Top 5 Skills You Need To Have In 2022

Top 5 Skills You Need To Have In 2022

With every passing day, we come more in terms with the fact that degrees and marks are not sufficient anymore. What we need to stand out amongst the existing crowd is a good set of a few skills which help us in shining out. There are a lot of them that we can have, but we have shortlisted Top 5 Skills You Need To Have In 2022 that will help you excel in the career that you want.

So let’s have a look at Top 5 Skills You Need To Have in 2022

Emotional Quotient 

We believe that Emotional Quotient (EQ) is even more important than Intelligence Quotient (IQ), as it not only helps you to understand your emotions well but also helps you to empathize with other emotions. And at most times, empathizing becomes very important as we need to know what situation the other person is coming from, and hence their reactions. Studies prove that people with higher EQ have higher rates of success. We have been proven, time and again, that though intelligence can lead you to a good career that you want, to excel there, you need EQ. Self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, and relationship management are the four components and the first step towards building a good EQ is knowing yourself.


In any career or position in your life, leadership becomes extremely important, to take responsibility. Especially, if you’re leading a team, say a professional one in your office, or some society or club at your college, leadership helps you to not just be a boss, but to be a friend, a guide, a mentor, for your team, which brings out the best in your team and in you. Here also, to build leadership skills, the first step is looking into yourself, then the next step is to volunteer for things, for things that you’re interested in. Share your knowledge and information with others, to become the best version of yourself.

Internet Quotient

As we believe the time is money, this IQ seems like the new intelligence quotient to us. Today when the world has gone online, and the internet has to offer a plethora of things, it becomes rather difficult to not get drowned in this ocean of information. Just a google search about anything, in nanoseconds, you have thousands (a conservative estimate) of related links for the same. To get the best out of them and optimize what you need, without wasting your time, is a skill every one of us needs to learn. While either doing research, some internship or a job, where we need to search extensively and need good content, search optimization comes into play. It helps us to get a good knowledge of a subject without wasting hours. To get our hands on this skill, we can explore and make a note of some really good websites, related to our requirements. Along with it, using the internet to find good software like Canva, Grammarly, Seoreviewtools, etc, will help you to ease down your work and make it efficient.


When put like this, it seems like a very broad and large skill to have, so let us comprehend it for you and tell you why have we put it this way. When we talk about management, the first thought that comes to our mind if of time management, which is pretty important, of course, but here our management means more. It includes emotional management, managing your personal and professional life, management between hard and smart work, and obviously time management. When we invest ourselves in any job, it becomes inevitable that it happens to affect our personal lives as well, but we need to draw a line, and we can do that by various means, say meditation or self-time to start with. Emotional management means channeling your emotions in the best way possible to bring out the best of you. 

Next comes managing your hard and smart work, this is a relatively new concept. Whether you’re preparing for a competitive exam, or you’re in a job, investing your energies and then working hard on them is what the concept of smart investment is. In today’s times, when everyone is working hard, working smartly makes you shine out. And the final and the most important aspect of management is time management, we believe it’s the most important because only when we work on it, will we be able to achieve other management skills. Managing time so that you are not drained, and you look forward to the next day with enthusiasm and excitement is very important.

Proper Communication

Initially I termed this skill as ‘communication’, but then I realized making it more specific will prove to be more helpful. While writing this I am communicating with my readers, but to properly communicate I need to put my words alike. Communication is that skill that completes the jigsaw puzzle of the above-mentioned four skills. Today when most of our work has gone online, it becomes more cardinal to communicated in the desired way to share what you actually want to convey. Replacement of human interface communication is very difficult because, over mobile calls and texts and zoom meetings, we don’t really understand where the other person is coming from, but to make things easier, honest communication becomes foremost. But the story doesn’t end here, we need to understand that proper and effective communication depends more upon listening than speaking, because only when we, without any lens, listen to the other person, will we better understand what they are trying to say and reply to what we want to say. This will help us in forging better personal and professional relationships.

These five according to us are Top 5 Skills You Need To Have in 2022 or to work upon to ace the career they want. Keep tuned for more such articles.